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November Weed of the Month: Weeds that Impact Hunters

When hunting, weeds are often an afterthought or not thought of at all. Unfortunately, weeds can have a negative impact on wild game if ignored and not managed in a timely manner. Weedy species can also be burdensome to hunters. Some noxious weeds that pose problems for hunters and wild game are Japanese barberry, Oriental...

 By Shane Blair    News    April 11, 2019

April Weed of the Month: Japanese Hops

When you hear the word "hops," you might think of beer. Hops are used in beer production to add bitter, floral, fruity, or citric flavors and essential oils for preservation. However, Japanese hops (Humulus japonicus) lack an essential resin for beer production. Common hops (H. lupulus) are a similar native species and can be...

 By Shane Blair    News    April 2, 2018

April Weed of the Month: Why Scout for Herbicide Resistant Weeds?

A growing problem that is costing farmers more money each year is herbicide resistant weeds. The primary driver for resistant weeds comes from the repeated use of the same herbicide with the same mode of action year after year. What can be done? Scouting for herbicide resistant weeds throughout the growing season and even when...

 By Shane Blair    Features    March 6, 2018

March Weed of the Month: Resources for Weed Identification and Management

Throughout Minnesota, new noxious weeds present themselves. Some become very problematic for landowners and managers. Weeds can be found growing around a home setting, in community areas, and in a variety of natural habitats on both public and private lands. When weeds invade native landscapes, they reduce biological diversity...

 By Shane Blair    News    January 11, 2018

January Weed of the Month: Torching Noxious Weeds

There are many management tools/strategies that can be used to halt the spread of invasive plants. One tool that is often associated with gardening is the propane weed torch. It kills weeds organically, effectively, and selectively. Watching the plant burn to a crisp using a torch can also be satisfying! Torching will kill most...


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