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Biden and Jordanian king warn about planned Israeli invasion of Rafah

The president appeared alongside an Arab leader at the White House for the first time since the Israel-Gaza war began

President Biden and Jordan's King Abdullah II, speaking jointly at the White House on Monday, warned against an indiscriminate Israeli invasion of Rafah in southern Gaza, resulting in an event that had not occurred since the Israel-Hamas war began - the president standing alongside an Arab leader to voice reservations about the Israeli onslaught in the Palestinian enclave.

"The major military operation in Rafah should not proceed without a credible plan to ensure the safety and support of more than 1 million people sheltering there," Biden said, referring to Israel's publicly announced plans to invade the city. "Many people there have been displaced - displaced multiple times, fleeing the violence to the north. And now they're packed into Rafah, exposed and vulnerable. They need to be protected."

Abdullah was more direct. "We cannot afford an Israeli attack on Rafah. It is certain to create another humanitarian catastrophe," the king said. Referring to the war more broadly, he added: "We cannot stand by and let this continue. We need a lasting ceasefire now. This war must end."


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