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'Democrats will learn a lesson': Some Muslims work to defeat Biden in battleground states

Human rights Prof. Hassan Abdel Salam has spent the past seven years teaching his students at the University of Minnesota about genocides around the world. On the last day of his class on global Islamophobia in April, he said he was quitting the classroom to oppose what he described as genocide in Gaza - by helping lead the "Abandon Biden" movement to defeat the president in November.

"It was very emotional," Abdel Salam said. "I just need to throw myself and put all my energy into this ... and I feel like huge change can happen."

Abdel Salam, 48, is among a group of Muslim activists, including several Minnesotans, who are organizing in nine swing states in opposition to Biden's re-election. The group's leaders say they want to politically punish the president for what they describe as enabling mass civilian casualties in Gaza.


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