Babaamaajimowinan (Telling of news in different places)

Psychedelic mushroom edibles promise health benefits. Be wary, experts say.

The chocolates and gummies come packaged in retro trippy colors, adorned with melting mushrooms and surrealistic landscapes and flavored like children's breakfast cereals. The labels promise all-natural, mind-bending trips and boosts of mental clarity, creativity and focus.

Sometimes, these psychedelic sweets are more harmful than healthy.

Public health experts and officials are amplifying their warnings about the risks of unregulated and sometimes illegal products advertised on social media and easily purchased online or in vape shops. Some claim to contain the hallucinogenic mushroom compound psilocybin, which is legal for use in two states but illegal federally. Some products contain potentially harmful synthetic chemicals or extracts from a sometimes-toxic mushroom known as amanita muscaria.


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