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Social Security to drop obsolete jobs used to deny disability benefits

For decades, Social Security has used obsolete jobs like pneumatic tube operator and nut sorter to deny disabled claimants

For decades, the Social Security Administration has denied thousands of people disability benefits by claiming they could find jobs that have all but vanished from the U.S. economy - such occupations as nut sorter, pneumatic tube operator and microfilm processor.

On Monday, the agency will eliminate all but a handful of those unskilled jobs from a long-outdated database used to decide who gets benefits and who is denied, ending a practice that advocates have long decried as unfair and inaccurate.

Commissioner Martin O'Malley's decision to jettison federal labor market data, some of which was last updated 47 years ago, follows a Washington Post investigation in December 2022 that revealed how the antiquated list of jobs was blocking many claimants who could not work from receiving vital monthly disability checks.


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