Babaamaajimowinan (Telling of news in different places)

Climate change is already making your bills more expensive

Researchers warn the hazards will only get worse, for the planet and the economy

No one in r/Costco - the Reddit group dedicated to the beloved bulk store - could get over it. The hefty, store-brand olive oil bottles they had been purchasing for years, the ones they all agreed were the best and cheapest around, suddenly cost twice what they used to.

"Olive oil insanity!" one commenter wrote in the fall. "Why is olive oil so expensive?" another demanded in March.

Popping prices for a pantry stable might seem like just another example of hard-to-digest inflation. But economists say there could be another culprit behind certain price spikes, one that will only become more influential in the coming years: climate change. That's especially the case when every month so far this year has been the hottest ever. June - marked by a sweltering heat wave for much of the country - seems likely to set another record.


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