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Massive melon-size hail could be a Texas record

The brick-size chunks of ice surpass the DVD-size hail that fell last week

An extreme rotating thunderstorm dropped cantaloupe-size hail and produced a tornado in the Texas Panhandle on Sunday, part of a larger severe weather episode that took storms all the way to North Dakota. One of the hailstones was at least six inches in diameter, if not larger, and could be declared a Texas state record.

The stone was recovered by Val and Amy Castor, storm chasers with News 9 in Oklahoma City. The couple found the stone about 10 miles northwest of the Mackenzie Reservoir in rural Swisher County, Tex., three miles north-northwest of Vigo Park.

They snapped photos of a spiky hailstone next to a can of Monster Energy, which, if it's a standard can, is 6.5 inches tall. Val Castor later posted on Facebook that the stone "conservatively" measured at least seven inches long. If the stone closes in on seven-inch territory, it could qualify as a state record.


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