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Basic training in Ukraine is barely covering the basics, commanders say

KRAMATORSK, Ukraine - As Ukraine prepares to mobilize tens of thousands of men to address a critical shortage of soldiers amid intensified Russian attacks, Ukrainian commanders in the field say they are bracing for most of the new troops to arrive with poor training.

Ukrainian commanders have long griped about lackluster preparation for recruits at training centers. But with Russia on the offensive, the persistent complaints are a reminder that a newly adopted mobilization law intended to widen the pool of draft-eligible men is just one step in solving the military's personnel problems.

An influx of conscripts under the new law is still months away. In the meantime, commanders are redeploying soldiers from rear positions to fighting units near the front. President Volodymyr Zelensky last month also signed a law to allow some prison inmates to join the military in exchange for a chance of parole - copying a Russian tactic that provided thousands more fighters but is also releasing violent criminals back into society.


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