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USDA Forest Service invests nearly $3.9M to restore Tribal, state and private forests across Eastern Region

Milwaukee, WI (May 30, 2024) — Today, the USDA Forest Service announced it is investing nearly $3.9 million in 12 projects across the Eastern Region to restore Tribal, state and private forestlands. These investments directly support local efforts across management jurisdictions as they work to promote healthy, productive forests that are resilient to the effects of climate change.

The investments, totaling more than $13 million nationwide, are being delivered as competitive grants through the Landscape Scale Restoration program. Of the total funding, $1.5 million will support five projects for federally recognized Tribes.

“Catastrophic wildfires and invasive species know no boundary,” said Forest Service Chief Randy Moore. “That’s why we are taking an all-lands, all-hands approach and investing in healthy and resilient forests across management jurisdictions. These grants directly support our Wildfire Crisis Strategy efforts to improve the health of forests that communities depend on for clean water, recreation and the resources that drive local economies.”

Across the Northeast and Midwest, projects focus on addressing and responding to threats from invasive species and improving water quality. These projects will:

• Improve forest ecosystem health and benefits on over 61,000 acres of forestland through forest management for wildlife, forest practices to provide clean water, removal of invasive species, treatment for hazardous fuels, prescribed fire, restoration of riparian areas and tree planting.

• Plant 32,170 trees, saplings and seedlings in rural communities.

• Provide assistance and training to more than 6,000 private forest landowners and practitioners through technical assistance visits, training workshops and demonstration areas.

• Develop plans for improved forest management for 19,100 acres.

• Provide clean water for millions of people downstream.

• Produce 530,000 board feet of forest products.

Between 2018 and 2023, the Forest Service awarded 315 competitive grants to support projects in 47 states and five territories for a total of $78.2 million in federal funding.

A complete list of funded projects for Fiscal Year 2024 is available on the Forest Service website.

Projects Funded in the Eastern Region:


Applicant: University of Connecticut

Project: Supporting Collaborative Forest Management in Connecticut

2024 LSR grant amount: $102,817

Non-federal match: $102,822


Applicant: The Morton Arboretum

Project: Increasing Public and Private Action to Implement the Oak Ecosystem Recovery Plan in Underserved Communities

2024 LSR grant amount: $410,000

Non-federal match: $426,800


Applicant: Lake Monroe Water Fund, Inc.

Project: Indiana Forests to Faucets: Native Landscapes for Clean Water

2024 LSR grant amount: $213,336

Non-federal match: $213,354


Applicant: Franklin County Community Development Corporation

Project: Expanding Climate-Smart and Bird-Friendly Forestry to Produce Wood for Local Rural Communities

2024 LSR grant amount: $296,000

Non-federal match: $300,000


Applicant: Ottawa Conservation District

Project: Managing HWA Through Treatments and Improving Landscape Resiliency in West Michigan

2024 LSR grant amount: $400,000

Non-federal match: $408,519


Applicant: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Project: Protecting Working Forestlands in the Driftless Area for Multiple Benefits: Trout, Turkey, and Timber (TTT)

2024 LSR grant amount: $295,000

Non-federal match: $295,000


Applicant: Missouri Department of Conservation

Project: Restoring Glades and Woodlands Through Fuel Reductions to Minimize Catastrophic Wildfires

2024 LSR grant amount: $235,000

Non-federal match: $235,000

New York

Applicant: Sullivan County Soil and Water Conservation District

Project: Protecting Threatened Hemlocks in the New York Catskills, for New York City Drinking Water Quality

2024 LSR grant amount: $100,000

Non-federal match: $101,700


Applicant: The Nature Conservancy

Project: Promoting Resilience, Managing Invasive Species, and Safeguarding Ecological Communities

2024 LSR grant amount: $323,400

Non-federal match: $323,400

West Virginia

Applicant: West Virginia University Research Corporation

Project: Using West Virginia State Forests as Examples of Impactful Invasive Management

2024 LSR grant amount: $425,870

Non-federal match: $425,870

Multi-state: Minnesota and Wisconsin

Applicant: The Nature Conservancy

Project: Collaborative Forest Restoration on Priority Minnesota and Wisconsin Landscapes

2024 LSR grant amount: $512,095

Non-federal match: $512,400

Multi-state and Tribal

Sponsoring states and Tribes: Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Mi'kmaq Nation, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia

Applicant: National Association of Conservation Districts

Project: Northeast Mid-Atlantic Partnership for Forests and Water

2024 LSR grant amount: $585,824

Non-federal match: $586,368


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