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USDA announces $83 million for fertilizer plant projects, including in Iowa, Minnesota and North Dakota

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Thursday, May 23, announced that fertilizer projects in Iowa, Minnesota and North Dakota were among the projects to receive a total of nearly $83 million in funding.

A news release from USDA said the funding in support of fertilizer projects through the Fertilizer Production and Expansion Program is meant to "strengthen competition for U.S. farmers, ranchers and agricultural producers." The USDA under the Biden administration created FPEP in response to rising fertilizer prices. The administration committed up to $900 million through the Commodity Credit Corporation for the program.

In Iowa, Return LLC, a fertilizer manufacturer in Northwood, plans to use a $3.92 million grant to expand its current facility, to improve existing compost/fermenting site infrastructure and to purchase necessary equipment to transport materials and manufacture the finished product. Return's current products include compost made from "locally-harvested, southern Minnesota turkey litter," fertilizer listed for use in lawns, gardens and for perennials and annuals, potting mix and "Worm Poop" for use in gardens, raised beds, potted plants and lawns.


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