Babaamaajimowinan (Telling of news in different places)

Ex-Honeywell engineer's invention could power moving EVs and aircraft. Could it be weaponized, too?

Christopher Fuller scored a breakthrough at his Honeywell lab in Plymouth, devising a way to transmit wireless power over long distances.

Honeywell International estimated it could wrangle $1 billion in sales from Fuller's discovery. EVs could be charged on the go - so could airborne cargo drones. A Honeywell executive, in an internal email, called Fuller "the inventor of the next multi-industry disruptor."

But Fuller, who is suing Honeywell under Minnesota's whistleblower act, claims his discovery also could be used to make a radio wave-based "directed energy" weapon capable of devastating electronic systems - on a citywide scale - many miles away. "Typically weapons now are much shorter range," he said. "This vastly increases the range."


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