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Authorities still conducting search, rescue after deadly tornado hits Iowa

GREENFIELD, Iowa - Authorities in Iowa continued search and rescue efforts Wednesday while surviving residents picked through the debris strewn on the land where their homes had stood a day after a deadly tornado devastated the town of Greenfield and killed an undisclosed number of people.

The tornado left a wide swath of obliterated homes, splintered trees and crumpled cars in Greenfield, a town of 2,000 about 55 miles (88.5 kilometers) southwest of Des Moines. The twister also ripped apart and crumpled massive power-producing wind turbines several miles outside the town.

Greenfield resident Kimberly Ergish and her husband dug through the debris field Wednesday that used to be their home, looking for family photos and other salvageable items. There wasn't much left, she acknowledged.


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