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Inside the Timberwolves' record Game 7 comeback that dethroned the Nuggets

DENVER - The most euphoric day in the history of the Minnesota Timberwolves - an NBA franchise that has long been on a first-name basis with misery - began as a mess.

Anthony Edwards was engulfed by the Denver Nuggets' persistent double teams. Rudy Gobert kept trying to punish smaller defenders with nothing to show for his efforts. Karl-Anthony Towns couldn't find the range on his usually reliable three-point shot. And most of the Timberwolves' role players looked overwhelmed by a menacing stage: Game 7 on the road against the defending champions.

The halftime damage was 53-38 in Denver's favor. After a break to stew on its woes, Minnesota promptly gave up five quick points to Jamal Murray to open the third quarter. The Timberwolves' promising season was no longer hanging on the ledge - it had started the downward plunge into a ravine of the purest pain.


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