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The Failures of Single Party Control Lead to a Disappointing End Session

Saint Paul, MN — Representative Matt Grossell (R – Clearbrook) concluded his final legislative session today after a weekend of divisive action by the Democrats in total control of state government. This included cutting out transparency on multiple conference committees, silencing the voices of half of the state, and ultimately passing their agenda in a single 1,400-page omnibus bill that was never made available to the minority, or more importantly the public, before it was up to be voted on.

“I am disappointed to end my legislative career under the dark shadow of what took place here this weekend.” Said Representative Grossell. “We often disagree on issues and can have spirited debate to find solutions that are best for the people of Minnesota. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen here. To silence nearly half of the state to pass your partisan agenda is absolutely shameful.”

“Republicans have demonstrated our willingness to collaborate with the majority. Earlier this week, we swiftly passed two conference reports in less than 10 minutes due to the strong bipartisan support for those bills. Governing is much more efficient and more transparent when our input is considered and when Republicans are involved in the process.”

“Thank you to all of my constituents who have entrusted me with this honor. I have truly enjoyed my time representing the people Beltrami, Clearwater, and Lake of the Woods counties. I hope everyone will reflect on the extreme action taken in the House of Representatives to pass a one-sided, partisan agenda last night. Those returning and those who get to start their legislative careers here next year will learn the lesson that was deeply missed this weekend. That compromise and collaboration make our state better.”

“I pray that our great state can turn to the right direction and become a prosperous land again. It is time for a change, and it is time for balance and fairness in our legislature. God's blessings to all.”


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