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A rousing Minnesota unwelcome for Donald Trump

Before Minnesotans decisively rejected him on Election Day 2020, then-President Donald Trump — at a Duluth campaign stop — uttered music to our ears: "If I lose Minnesota, I'm never coming back, I don't care. I'm never coming back!"

That wasn't the first lie that Trump told Minnesotans and it certainly won't be the last as he prepares to headline a fundraiser for the Minnesota Republican Party on Friday. After being swept out of power in 2022, the Minnesota GOP should be sprinting away from Trump and his MAGA agenda. Instead, they continue to dig themselves into a deeper hole by tying their fate to Trump and his unpopular and extreme agenda.

Trump's record on abortion has proven especially unpopular and damaging to Minnesota Republicans. Two-thirds of Minnesotans believe that reproductive care should be accessible for women who need it. And in 2022, they punished Republicans up and down the ballot who want to ban abortion. Thanks to those election results and the hard work of our DFL state legislators and Gov. Tim Walz, protections for abortion rights — including the right to travel for reproductive care — are now enshrined in Minnesota state law. This is a sharp contrast to Trump's dangerous, anti-freedom agenda that aims to ban abortion nationwide. After orchestrating the fall of Roe v. Wade during his presidency, Trump recently claimed that the horror-inducing bans in Republican-led states are "working very brilliantly," including the same bans across the Midwest that have made our state a refuge for abortion care. Make no mistake: If Donald Trump became president again, he would lead the charge in banning abortion in Minnesota and override the will of Minnesota voters.


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