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Open: May 7, 2024-until filled


To coordinate all health, dental, nutrition, mental health and child safety services for staff, children and families and reports to the Director. Reports to Director, full time w/benefits, Salary;DOQ


• Data Entry

 Performs data entry duties covering areas such as entry of health, dental, nutrition, mental health, and safety data in Child Plus including PIR, in-kind, screening, and all health services and follow up including completion status for all children

• Nutrition:

 Takes lead in development of the Nutrition Work Plan, administers, monitors and revises as necessary.

 Eats periodically in each classroom to monitor food acceptance, portions and appeal. Provides feedback to kitchen staff.

 Checks menu books for CACFP for complete and appropriate and accurate documentation.

 Distributes a Nutrition newsletter monthly to staff and families.

 As appropriate, works with staff person in charge of inventory on a system for maintaining an inventory of kitchen supplies and equipment which is checked on a regular basis.

 Monitors food preparation services, ensures that menus are reviewed by Registered Dietitian and ensures that all required USDA/CACFP paperwork is completed and submitted. Coordinates with WIC, local food banks, etc. Works with the staff person in charge of the Family Community Partnerships area to complete the CACFP food sponsorship application and to prepare the monthly CACFP tracking forms. Attends the CACFP sponsor training and stays up-to-date on regulations and menu and food service requirements.

 Arranges for quarterly kitchen inspections to meet health code and CACFP requirement.

 Provides or arranges training to classroom staff on topics such as family-style meal service and nutrition curriculum.

 Works with classroom staff to support nutrition education curriculum.

 Arranges orientation, training and supervision of kitchen staff and makes sure that inventory control and food preparation are in compliance with local, state and federal standards within budgetary allowances.

• Health/Dental:

 Responsible for the following:

 Writes, reviews and revises Health Work Plans annually. Develops a system for administering and monitoring the work plan. Monitors compliance with the Head Start Work Plan, and the Head Start Performance Standards in the applicable content areas and sub-areas.

 Establishes policies and procedures for the health portion of the program with parents and staff that support the effective implementation of health services.

 Develops a list of local health and related resources and defines procedures for effective use of these resources. Initiates and establishes working relationships with local providers through contractual agreements as appropriate.

 Establishes a system for providing health education to families through workshops, parent meetings, handouts, etc

 Develops and implements a plan and system of continuous monitoring and evaluation of activities within the program. Keeps complete records and documentation of all contacts.

 Develops system for maintenance of individual health records on children in conjunction with family services staff. Assures that specialists review, evaluate, interpret health records, vital statistics and other data affecting health services.

• Takes the lead on the following:

 Health Services Advisory Committee: Responsible for the planning, convening and implementation of policies and/or procedures of the quarterly Health Services Advisory Committee meetings.

 Identifies and is Knowledgeable of Health Resources: Establishes relationships and develops a thorough knowledge of health resources for families including Medicaid, the state insurance program, Indian Health Services and other community resources that assist families in establishing a medical home.

 Establishes, Negotiates and Monitors Contracts with Health Service Providers: Establishes contracts with health professionals to provide services to the Head Start program in such areas as vision referrals, child health screenings/exams, dental services and others as necessary. Contracts may include consultants and/or volunteers services.

 Maintains up-to-date knowledge of Head Start Performance Standards

 Oversees the screening, re-screening and follow-up for all health services.

 Participates in staffing of children and be responsible for all health recommendations, as necessary. Attends IEP/IFSP meetings as requested.

 Serves as or arranges for a health resource specialist to teachers and family service staff.

 Assists in the development of protocols as necessary to support least restrictive environment for children.

 Provides resource information to staff and families on an as-needed basis. Assists in providing current information for the Community Resource Guide.

• Mental Health:

 Ensures all mental health services are tracked in the ChildPlus system in a timely manner.

 Takes lead in development of the Mental Health Work Plan, administers, monitors and revises as necessary.

 Arranges for mental health services to Head Start families in cooperation with other agencies/providers. Oversees referral of parents and children to other agencies/providers as needed.

 Arranges for classroom observations at least twice a year by a mental health or child development specialist.

 Arranges for a mental health consultant to be available for staff meetings, parent training sessions, etc.

 Develops community resources for provision of services to children with mental health concerns.

 Arranges for play therapy and other services as needed through referrals, contracted services or community partnership agreements.

 Ensures a mental health consultant collaborates with education staff to facilitate the integration of mental health and inclusion activities in the classroom curriculum.

 Ensures the mental health consultant provides resource information to staff and families on an as-needed basis.

 Assists in providing current information for the Community Resource Guide.

 Works with staff and the mental health consultant to assist teachers to identify children who show signs of problems such as possible serious depression, attachment disorder, separation, withdrawal, anxiety or abuse.

• Child Safety:

 Health Education Curriculum and Child Safety: Responsible for implementation of a developmentally appropriate health education curriculum in conjunction with staff person in charge of early childhood education for children and parents that can be integrated into program activities.

 Oversee Child Safety sections of Performance Standards to include fire drills, first aid kits, medication administration systems and systems for Safety Committees in collaboration with the staff person in charge of facilities.

 Safety Committee: Acts as Chair of the over-all program Safety Committee.

 Arranges observations and specialists in classrooms to provide consultation related to health, safety and sanitation issues.

 Works with managers/specialists and center staff to establish a center safety committee, serves on the overall agency Safety Committee and monitors issues identified by regular health and safety inspections.

 Provides for a system to identify and maintain equipment and materials of classroom, playground and vehicle first aid kits assuring appropriate inventories in compliance with all regulatory agencies regarding first aid kits.

 Monitors all classrooms for compliance with health and safety checklists.

 Works with HR staff to insure that criminal record checks are initiated, clear and on file for all Head Start employees and regular and stipend volunteers.

 Serves as the lead and key point of contact for the Head Start drug-testing program in partnership with HR Staff.

• Maintenance and Cleanliness:

 Ensures facilities are cleaned on a daily basis and are clean and free of hazards in partnership with the custodial staff.

 Tracks all routine maintenance such as replacing light bulbs and maintaining equipment used in the course of work.

 Reports safety, sanitation, and fire hazards to supervisor and/or staff person in charge of facilities.

 Ensures routine maintenance of buildings and grounds during program breaks and more often, as needed.

 Ensures that outdoor tasks such as snow removal, sweeping steps, porches and drives, maintaining parking lot, mowing lawns, trimming shrubs and trees, raking gravel or leaves, clearing parking areas, etc. are completed as needed in partnership with custodial and maintenance staff.

 Maintains cooperative relationships with fellow employees, building staff, landlords, supervisor, administrators, students, and the general public.

 Participates in job related meetings when requested.

 Takes precautions to protect own health and safety as well as the health and safety of children, families, and staff and to protect equipment and facilities.

 Responsible for understanding and helping other staff to understand regulations associated with prevention of occupational disease and injury, including the exercise of universal precautions and the prevention of contamination.

 Ensures that "Right to Know" training is provided and monitors if MSDS sheets need to be replaced or added.

 Provides input into the hiring and training of custodial, janitorial and maintenance staff or contractors as needed.

 Maintains an accurate inventory of all program supplies and equipment in centers, offices and warehouse.

 Ensures that all inspections, licenses and contracts are current and on file.

 Manages and coordinates requisitions tools, equipment and supplies, as needed in partnership with fiscal department.

 Establishes a system to make regular health and safety inspections of all sites and to quickly resolve identified site issues, including the safety of playgrounds, parking lots and other areas used by Head Start staff, children, parents, contractors and community volunteers.

 Understands, generates and documents in-kind and other allowable costs applied toward the non-federal share requirement.

Positive Relationships: The Health/Mental Health Coordinator has direct contact with other staff, Head Start Children, and parents on a daily basis. He/She also has frequent contact with Community Partners and other Community members.

 Must submit to pass drug test prior to commencing employment and random drug testing thereafter.

 Selection in compliance with and subject to the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indian's Policy and Procedures manual

 Preference for qualified Red Lake Chippewa Tribal members and persons of Indian Descent, as allowed per federal law.

 Preference for current and former Head Start parents, if qualified for vacant position.

 If the Red Lake Head Start pays for schooling for an employee and seeks outside employment within two years after receiving funding the employee is required to pay back funds.


Working Environment:

Work Conditions:

The majority of responsibilities are performed in the Head Start Center and outside play area.


Occasional lifting up to 50lbs and ability to move quickly in response to a child's needs.

Ability to respond appropriately (both mentally and physically) to an emergency or crises situation


The vision, goals and objectives of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa requires all employees to perform in both a professional and personable manner. The manner in which the employees relate to fellow employees, customers and visitors is considered parallel in importance to technical knowledge and ability. Respect and consideration given to the dignity of each customer, visitor and fellow employee is a requisite of successful job performance


• High school diploma

• Must be willing to pursue an AA or BA in health services area.

• At least one year of early childhood education experience required.

• At least one year of successful work experience in a health services position is preferred.

• Must possess a valid Minnesota Driver's License

• Must possess and/or have the ability to become CPR/First Aid Certified.

• Must have experience or training and skills in securing and individualizing needed services for children with disabilities.

• Appropriate knowledge, experience, and appreciation of the culture for specific population being served.

• Ability to maintain strong confidentiality of personal information contained in files and discussed in meetings as evidenced by previous employment.

• Ability to work with families of varying economic, social and ethnic backgrounds.

• Ability to understand the needs of preschool children and ensure a safe learning environment including the ability to monitor and respond to health events going on in classrooms, outdoor play areas and on field trips.

• Ability to respond appropriately (both mentally and physically to an emergency or crises situation.

• Daily kneeling, stooping, bending and siting on the floor to attend to children's needs.

• Physical ability to move quickly in order to respond to children who are active.

• As an employee of the Tribe he/she will be subject to the policies and procedures of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians.

• Qualifications are subject to change based upon receipt of new federal regulations and/or additional program requirements.

TO APPLY: Applications and copies of diplomas/certificates are being accepted at the Government Center – Human Resources Department, P.O. Box 546, Red Lake, MN 56671 Phone (218) 679-1847. Fax (218) 679-4176.


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