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Asset requirement checks resume for certain Medical Assistance enrollees

When Minnesota’s post-pandemic public health care program renewals wrap up this spring, the state will restart a longstanding practice of checking some enrollees’ assets to make sure they are eligible for coverage.

Asset limits ensure that public health care programs pay for care only when no other resources are available.

Many Medical Assistance enrollees do not have asset limits. The state will notify those who do.

For certain Medical Assistance and Medicare Savings Programs enrollees, assets will be reviewed when their annual renewal is due. If enrollees have more assets than the program limits, they will need to reduce or spend down their assets to keep their health care coverage.

A person’s home, vehicle and personal items do not count as assets during the renewal process. Assets that do count include checking and savings accounts, stocks, bonds, trusts, mutual funds, real property and other financial investments.

“Our public health care programs serve Minnesotans who most need our support to access health care,” said Human Services Commissioner Jodi Harpstead. “We want to get the word out about asset limits now to give enrollees time to act to keep their health insurance.”

Annual eligibility checks – often called renewals – were paused by the federal government during the COVID-19 pandemic. States resumed renewals in 2023 in an effort called the unwinding period.

Asset limits for public health care programs were temporarily disregarded by the Legislature to help eligible Minnesotans maintain health insurance during the unwinding period. The asset limits resume after the unwinding period.

Asset limits differ depending on program and family size. Medical Assistance and Medicare Savings Programs enrollees who have an asset limit will receive a notice in the mail about two months before their renewal month reminding them that assets will be counted for their upcoming renewal.

Enrollees can look up their renewal month at

The notice will explain that if enrollees have assets above program limits, they will need to reduce or spend those assets by their renewal deadline to keep their health care coverage. The notice will also remind enrollees to save documents that show proof of their assets, such as bank statements, to send in with their renewal form.

For a breakdown of asset limits, visit the Income and Asset Guidelines (DHS-3461A) (PDF) at


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