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A Conversation With Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan: What We Can Celebrate Around the State

You chamThis past year has been just incredible. For me, I literally ticked off all the policy priorities I've ever had - we got them done. That's a beautiful and powerful thing.

Editor's Note: Peggy Flanagan is the Lt. Governor of the State of Minnesota. She is a tribal citizen of the White Earth Nation and is the highest elected Native American state official in the United States. This article was originally published by Minnesota Women's Press. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

I was pretty overwhelmed when we did our school visit recently and saw all these kids come through the line to get lunch. Instead of needing tickets or a number to eat, kids were simply eating, smiling, and laughing. We've heard anecdotally that it is making a difference with school attendance, increasing the students' ability to concentrate and be present, and reducing the overall stress level in the classroom. There is also the quantitative data that tells us there is a 30 percent increase in students who are getting breakfast and lunch.pioned legislation in 2023 to provide free breakfast and lunch in schools. What stands out for you from that productive year?


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