Babaamaajimowinan (Telling of news in different places)

Native Americans have shorter life spans

Better health care isn't the only answer

HISLE, S.D. - Katherine Goodlow is only 20, but she has experienced enough to know that people around her are dying too young.

Goodlow, a citizen of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe, said she's lost six friends and acquaintances to suicide, two to car crashes, and one to appendicitis. Four of her relatives died in their 30s or 40s, from causes such as liver failure and covid-19, she said. And she recently lost a 1-year-old nephew.

"Most Native American kids and young people lose their friends at a young age," said Goodlow, who is considering becoming a mental health therapist to help her community. "So, I'd say we're basically used to it, but it hurts worse every time we lose someone."


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