Babaamaajimowinan (Telling of news in different places)

Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

We, at the County, also take the time to acknowledge and show great gratitude to the efforts of our 911 Dispatchers who are always ready, 24/7/365...

Auditory witness to the atrocities of mankind, but also the calming voice that brings comfort to the domestic abuse victim. In an instant they can go from a barking dog complaint to instructing CPR over the phone or delivering a baby.

Our Public Safety Telecommunicators are often unseen, but are undeniable heroes in their everyday work. We take this week to acknowledge their work and thank them for being the calming voice in chaos, both on the other end of the phone and radio.

Thank you for your dedication and serving our community.

On behalf of all of Beltrami County,

~Christopher S. Muller


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