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Trump lawyers say Stormy Daniels refused subpoena outside a Brooklyn bar, papers left 'at her feet'

NEW YORK - Donald Trump's legal team says it tried serving a subpoena on Stormy Daniels as she arrived for an event at a bar in Brooklyn last month, but the porn actor, who is expected to be a witness at the former president's criminal trial, refused to take it and walked away.

A process server working for the former president's lawyers said he approached Daniels with papers demanding information and documents related to a documentary recently released about her life and involvement with Trump, but was forced to ''leave them at her feet," according to a court filing made public Wednesday.

''I stated she was served as I identified her and explained to her what the documents were,'' process server Dominic DellaPorte wrote. ''She did not acknowledge me and kept walking inside the venue, and she had no expression on her face.''


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