Babaamaajimowinan (Telling of news in different places)

Caitlin Clark showed up on SNL to dunk all over Michael Che

Caitlin Clark, who is expected to be the No. 1 pick by the Indiana Fever in Monday's WNBA draft, deftly skewered "Weekend Update" co-host Michael Che in a "Saturday Night Live" appearance, and used the platform to offer a reminder of the many women's basketball stars who came before her and into the league.

It started when Che joked that the University of Iowa would retire Clark's No. 22 and have it "replaced with an apron."

Enter Clark.

Che said he was a fan and Clark replied, "Really, Michael? Because I heard that little apron joke you did." After that point, she dished out plenty of wise cracks about Che's past jokes about women's basketball, which were shown in a supercut introduced by "Weekend Update" co-host Colin Jost. Turnabout is, after all, fair play after the NCAA women's tournament final games drew more viewers than the men's.


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