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The Red Lake School District #38 - Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals

The Red Lake School District #38 is seeking proposals for professional school-based services in the following areas to begin July 1st, 2024, for the 2024-25 School Year:

• Early Childhood Family / Parent Educator (up to 10 hours/week / 0.25 FTE)

• Blind / Visually Impaired Consultant (up to 5 hours/week / 0.125 FTE)

• Deaf / Hard of Hearing Consultant (up to 10 hours/week / 0.25 FTE)

• Developmental Phy Ed (DAPE) Teacher (up to 40 hours/week / 1.0 FTE)

• Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (up to 20 hours/week / 0.5 FTE)

• Assistive Technology Consultant (up to 5 hours/week / 0.125 FTE)

• Physical Impairments Consultant (up to 5 hours/week / 0.125 FTE)

• Due Process Consultant (up to 20 hours/week / 0.5 FTE)

• Mental Health Provider -or- School Social Worker (up to 80 hours/week / 2.0 FTE)

• School Psychologist or Intern (up to 80 hours/week / 2.0 FTE)

• Speech/Language Pathologist (up to 100 hours/week / 2.5 FTE)

• Special Education Teacher (any license) (up to 80 hours/week / 2.0 FTE)

• Behavior Specialist Consultant (up to 10 hours/week / 0.25 FTE)

Proposals should clearly outline the agency or individual's capacity to provide one or more of the services requested and must include:

✓ Verification of liability insurance

✓ Documentation of appropriate certification of personnel providing services

✓ Description of the agency's ability/capacity to engage in third-party billing for medical assistance eligible service provision if applicable

✓ Specification of in-kind and other service costs to be provided by service provider versus those expected to be provided by or billed to the Red Lake School District

✓ Specification of hourly, weekly, or FTE rates by individual service and/or provider type

✓ Delineation of any rate differential for direct service, indirect service, and/or travel time,

✓ Delineation between rates if services are individually purchased or purchased as a bundle, and

✓ Length of service proposed (minimum of 7/1/24 - 6/30/25; multi-year proposals up to three years will be considered) with any annual rate increases or other changes to the bid based on service timeframe

Statement of commitment from the agency or individual service provider to integrate Ojibwe Language and Culture into their work for the district

Service providers will engage in online, on-site and/or home-based services throughout the district as determined by a multi-disciplinary special education team, based on individually identified student needs, and documented in Individual Education Program Plans or Individual Family Service Plans.

Current service plans demonstrate estimated need for service aligned with the hours/week and FTE's noted above. Actual service time needs may vary from these estimates and any changes will be negotiated with the providers to whom contracts are awarded.

Interested parties, agencies or persons who have additional questions regarding this request for proposals should contact Dr. Dustin Hinckley at or by calling 218-679-1710.

Proposals shall be received up until 3:00 p.m. on Friday, April 26th, 2024.

Proposals may be delivered in person; e-mailed to –or- mailed to the attention of Dr. Dustin Hinckley, Director of Special Services, Red Lake Schools #38, 23990 Hwy 1 East, PO Box 499, Red Lake, MN 56671.


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