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Author Danii Oliver Releases 'Unschool Discoveries': A Captivating Blend of Fun, Freedom, and Gentle Parenting for Unschoolers, Featuring Two Indigenous Children of Color

March, 2024, Serial Entrepreneur and first time author Danii Oliver has released their first children's book, 'Unschool Discoveries' a whimsical story about unschooled mixed heritage characters who enjoy adventure and natural learning together. "I wrote this book in the hope that my stories will be a gateway to many, many more adventures of unique beings having undocumented human experiences," says Oliver.

In the book, readers meet Danielle & David, two curious kids who learn in the freest way possible - by diving headfirst into the world around them! They've said goodbye to big city buildings and hello to wide-open spaces, finding excitement and surprises along the way.

Readers are able to follow Danielle and David's natural sense of wonder, the joy of discovering new things, and the fun of learning without the confines of school. Every day brings a new adventure, new questions to answer, and a new treasure to discover. Join our fearless friends as they explore their new life and show you the ease of Unschooling. Turn the page to see where lifelong learning begins!

"Unschool Discoveries" is a fresh take on storytelling where the adventure is real and the learning is as natural as play.

"I was inspired to write this story because my family was struggling to find books about the lived experiences of People of Color," said Oliver. "This monoculture display extended to tv shows and indie web series. Learning abc's, 123's, shapes, colors and baby sign language from only European characters did the opposite of showing my kids what they were capable of."

Danii Oliver is a wife, mother, queer, creative, tech growth entrepreneur, HCI & Bev anthologist and an unschool advocate for professional moms who enjoys sharing insights, stories and mentorship. Danii goes on to describe how they decided to start at the beginning, telling the story of their family hopes, dreams and accomplished goals. What seems like fiction is actually a memoir, and sets the stage for other stories about the unschool life. In the future, they hope to write more stories about "Unschool Discoveries' is for parents who delight in learning about the unschool experience and for children who are themselves unschooled.

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About Danii Oliver

Danii Oliver is not just a storyteller; they're also a wife, mother, queer creative, tech growth entrepreneur, HCI & Bev anthologist, and an advocate for unschooling professional moms. Through their enchanting tales and diverse background, Danii celebrates the joy of curiosity and exploration, inviting both children and adults to embrace learning firsthand. As one of the voices behind the "Unschool Pages of Our Lives" podcast, Danii shares heartfelt stories and insights, fostering a community of lifelong learners.


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