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Storm outbreak forecast from Gulf Coast to Ohio Valley, 'intense tornadoes' possible

An outbreak of severe thunderstorms, including the potential for "several tornadoes, a few intense," is expected Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center. Parts of Ohio and Kentucky have a rare Level 4 out of 5 severe weather risk, with a "string of pearls" - or a lengthy line of rotating supercell thunderstorms - expected to form by early afternoon. An elevated threat of severe storms extends from the Gulf Coast to Lake Erie.

Wind dynamics in the atmosphere favor rotating thunderstorms, and any could have the potential to produce tornadoes. Storms will be moving at nearly 70 mph, meaning residents will have little time between when they receive a warning and when a storm arrives at their location. Making sheltering plans in advance is vital.

The expected severe weather outbreak is being fueled by a powerful storm system that produced flooding and landslides in California, and it is predicted to evolve into a major snowstorm for the northern Great Lakes and interior Northeast.


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