Babaamaajimowinan (Telling of news in different places)

Trump reels from competing court decisions as trials disrupt campaign

NEW YORK - Within the span of an hour, one court rescued Donald Trump from potential financial ruin, while another set a trial to start in the height of the campaign season.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee rolled with the rapid twists Monday with his usual defiance and bluster - in split seconds attacking one set of judges and praising another, ignoring reporters then suddenly pivoting to address them, brushing off heckles and welcoming cheers from onlookers along the streets.

The surreal string of turnabouts capped another chaotic day of Trump's 2024 campaign, with almost no resemblance to the conventional activities of campaigning. Trump last held a rally March 16 as his campaign juggled an overhaul of the Republican National Committee and has not announced where or when the next one will happen. He spent the weekend golfing in South Florida, then dropped into New York for a contentious court hearing and broad-sweeping news conference that most major networks carried live.


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