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Confederation College Unveils Vehicle Extrication Trainer for Paramedic Program

(THUNDER BAY, ON – March 18, 2024) – Confederation College announced the introduction of a new Vehicle Extrication Trainer, an instructional tool designed to enhance the hands-on learning experience for students of the Paramedic program. The simulation device, built by the faculty of the College’s Welding program, addresses the need for an indoor, practical learning environment, particularly during the colder months when outdoor training is less feasible.

Program Coordinator Rob Plummer emphasized the new trainer's positive impact on the student experience. "Our goal is always to provide our students with the best learning opportunities. With the introduction of our indoor extrication trainer, we have broadened the range of simulations that our students can practice year-round. This innovative solution, constructed by our own trades faculty, enriches our curriculum with a diverse set of scenarios that are vital for real-world preparedness," said Plummer.

With similar trainers approaching ten thousand dollars, the college-produced trainer was conceived as an affordable alternative to a costly commercial model. Through a collaborative effort with the welding shop, the project came to life for only a few hundred dollars.

Blair Bamford, Welding Techniques Program Coordinator, agreed that it was a great collaborative effort. "We worked closely with the Paramedic program to design and construct this trainer. By repurposing materials and pooling our expertise, we created a versatile tool that’s already making a difference in the way the Paramedic program can offer learning."

Vice President, Academic, Aaron Skillen, praised the collaborative spirit that made the project possible. "This is a testament to the innovation and cooperation among our staff to find solutions for students. By leveraging the talents and resourcefulness of our college community, we’ve not only enriched our Paramedic program but also set an example of how interdisciplinary cooperation can lead to exceptional outcomes," Skillen said.

The vehicle extrication trainer boasts the ability to be positioned on its side, roof, or back, simulating real-life emergency extraction scenarios they were previously unable to do. Equipped with heavy-duty casters and locking mechanisms, it ensures the safety of the students while providing the flexibility to be moved across rooms or buildings. This practical approach to learning is expected to significantly boost the readiness of students for real-life rescue operations.

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