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Crosby-Ironton disciplines students who taunted star basketball player Chloe Johnson

Days after some Crosby-Ironton High School students taunted star eighth-grade basketball player Chloe Johnson during a game, the school's principal says students have been disciplined and measures taken to prevent future offensive behavior from fans.

The chants targeting Johnson came during Thursday night's varsity game between Crosby-Ironton and the Marshall School in Duluth, which the 14-year-old Johnson plays for. Johnson, one of the best eighth-grade players in the country, shared her story in January about overcoming mental health challenges and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

The chanting of "OCD" came from a section of Crosby-Ironton fans when Johnson was holding the ball, according to a Facebook post from Chloe Johnson's father, Greg Johnson.


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