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Spring Wildfire Season One of the Earliest on Record

A very mild winter with little snow cover is leading to an early Spring Wildfire Season. The lack of snow this winter along with very mild temperatures bring the potential for very high to extreme fire conditions this spring. The fuels such as grass, leaves and downed tree branches are extremely dry for early March. Already the Red Lake Wildfire Program firefighters have responded to several fires in late February and early March. The fuels program has also started their RX burns earlier than usual. The goal of these prescribed burns is to ultimately lower the risk of more dangerous fires by reducing fuel loads.

The current forecast predicts below normal precipitation with above normal temperatures. If current dry weather patterns continue, the spring Wildfire Season will be a busy one for our firefighters. These conditions can lead to fires that start easily and can become large and dangerous.

The Red Lake Wildfire program is responsible for protecting reservation lands from wildfires that threaten the forest resource on the Red Lake Reservation. The Red Lake Wildland Firefighters are currently preparing for the spring wildfire season with refresher training, new firefighter training and preparing equipment.

The Red Lake Wildfire Prevention Program urges all tribal members to be careful with their use of fire this spring. Please continue to come into the office and obtain a burning permit before doing any burning. This spring there may be days when the fire conditions will not allow for any burning. The Wildfire Prevention program will make announcements on those days for restricted burning. If fire danger reaches very high or extreme conditions, permits will not be issued.

We ask the Red Lake Tribal members to help the firefighters this spring by being careful with fire and remember "Only you can prevent wildfires".


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