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Chiefs present plan to search landfill for missing Indigenous women

image caption Chiefs present plan to search landfill for missing Indigenous women Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs demand action from city, province and Canadian government

After more than a year of study the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs presented their plan to search the landfill near Winnipeg, Manitoba for the remains of Indigenous women targeted by an alleged serial killer. AMC along with family members of the victims held a press conference on January 25 to announce that they had submitted their report to all three levels of government, the city of Winnipeg, the province of Manitoba and the government of Canada. Supported by chiefs and members of the victims families, AMC Grand Chief Cathy Merrick called on all levels of government to take action.

“We expect that the findings in this report will expedite the funding required to begin the search and recovery operation for Morgan Harris, Marcedes Myran and Buffalo Woman. The report underscores the importance of federal and provincial support and initiating the search and recovery this year,” said Merrick. “There's no room for compromise here. We insist on a meeting involving all three levels of government and we won't accept anything less.”

The grand chief also demanded to be involved in all funding decisions related to the search. “I am putting on the record today that the expectation moving forward is that as the grand chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, and the political advocacy organization leading this work, I am present in any and all funding related meetings and discussions. It is time to cut through the bureaucracy.”


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