Babaamaajimowinan (Telling of news in different places)

Luther's 'Frybread Face and Me' explores intertribal relations

Billy Luther’s first foray into narrative feature length film territory, “Frybread Face and Me”, is a highly successful endeavor. Luther displays a talent for navigating queerness in such a delicate and artful manner that he reminds us that just because a story has queer elements, it does not necessarily mean it’s the whole story.

Not only this, Luther (Navajo/Hopi/Laguna) explores intertribal relations with a deft manner and humorous eye. It takes a very specific and talented writer/director combination to be able to pull these things off and Luther has all the qualities required in a director.

Expertly cast with the most current and trending Indigenous actors working today, the cast of mostly Navajo actors shine: Morningstar Angeline (Diné) is luminescent as Benny’s mom Ann and Kahara Hodges (Navajo) as Aunt Lucy is dreamy as Benny’s rowdy aunt who drives an old beat up ford around the rez and sells jewelry to make ends meet.


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