Pepper spray 2.0 could snuff violence in Minnesota hospitals


November 21, 2023

Courtesy of Crotega

Officers at the Des Moines Police Department demonstrate how REPULS, an alternative chemical irritant to pepper spray, can be used to subdue an attacker.

A startup firm in Crystal, Minn., believes it has an answer to rising violence in Minnesota's hospitals - a new kind of irritating spray that subdues attackers while minimizing harm to bystanders and victims.

Founder Jody Allen Crowe launched Crotega in 2014 after he said his research for a book on school shootings highlighted the need for more protective tools in the minutes before police officers respond. The former school superintendent then focused on solutions after a 2021 shooting in a Buffalo, Minn., clinic left one person dead and four injured.

"Thirty seconds to a minute of violent behavior can result in severe injuries if people don't have any way to stop it," Crowe said.


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