Holy crap! Manure odor drifts into Twin Cities


November 17, 2023

Anthony Soufflé, Star Tribune

In this 2020 photo, a machine at the Revier Cattle Company in Olivia, Minn., separates the solid and liquid manure and converts them to fertilizer for crop fields and bedding for other livestock. The smell of freshly fertilized fields has drifted from southern Minnesota farms and into the Twin Cities metro in recent days.

If you noticed a putrid smell, akin to poop, while trying to get some fresh air in the Twin Cities on Thursday, you aren't alone - and you weren't mistaken.

The odor is from manure applied as fertilizer on farm fields across southern Minnesota, carried north to the metro by strong winds, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency said in a social media post. The agency said it received "a lot of questions" Thursday about the manure odor, which has come and gone in recent days.

Elijah Roberts, 28, noticed the strong, "disgusting" smell as he was walking to his gym in Uptown. He said the smells are something he hoped to escape by steering clear of rural parts of Minnesota.



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