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The Economic Development – Planner is responsible for organizing, coordinating, and scheduling various activities, events, or projects within the Tribal Organization. Ensures that resources are efficiently utilized to meet objectives, deadlines, and deliverables in a timely and cost-effective manner. A Planner plays a critical role in ensuring the successful execution of projects, events, or activities by effectively managing resources, schedules, and risks. They contribute to the overall efficiency and productivity of the organization by aligning efforts with strategic goals and delivering high-quality outcomes. Reports to Executive Administrator. Full-time position with benefits. Monday-Friday. Travel required. Salary; DOQ **This Position is not eligible for Remote Work**


• Project Planning

o Develop comprehensive project plans outlining tasks, timelines, milestones and dependencies.

o Collaborate with stakeholders to gather project requirements and define objectives.

• Resource Allocation

o Allocate and manage resources effectively to meet project goals and objectives.

o Monitor resource availability and adjust allocations as necessary to optimize productivity.

• Scheduling and Coordination

o Create and maintain schedules for projects, events, or activities, considering constraints and priorities.

o Coordinate with various teams and individuals to ensure smooth execution and alignment of project plan.

• Risk Management

o Identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them, ensuring the successful completion of projects.

o Regularly review and update risk assessments, taking proactive steps to minimize impacts.

• Budgeting and Cost Control

o Develop and manage project budgets, ensuring financial resources are utilized efficiently.

o Monitors expenses and implements cost saving measures without compromising project quality.

• Reporting and Documentation

o Generate regular progress reports and project documentation, summarizing achievements, challenges, and upcoming milestones.

o Maintain accurate records of project data, documents, and communications.

• Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

o Facilitate effective communication among project team members and stakeholders, ensuring clarity and alignment of objectives.

o Engage with stakeholders to manage expectations and address concerns throughout the project lifecycle.

• Quality Assurance

o Implement quality control processes to ensure project deliverables meet specified standards and requirements.

o Conduct regular review to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to enhance project outcomes.

• Other duties as assigned.


• Bachelor's Degree (Business Administration, Urban Planning, Economics), plus Two Years of consecutive experience working with Tribal Governments in a planning role, preferred.

• Working Knowledge of Tribal, Federal, State and Local Resources, and familiar with community and economic development procedures and business development practices.

• Possess effective verbal, presentation and listening skills; with the ability to prepare clear and comprehensive financial and administrative activity reports.

• Analytical and problem solving skills, with strong decision making ability.

• Must possess excellent time management and computer skills.

• Demonstrate sound work ethics; trustworthy, respectful and reliable.

TO APPLY: Applications and copies of certificates are accepted at Government Center – Human Resources Department, PO Box 546, Red Lake, MN 56671 – Fax (218) 679-4176.


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