9th Annual Scruff Scramble held on September 23, 2023 - P2


October 4, 2023

The 9th Annual Scruff Scramble took place on Saturday, September 23rd. Despite the on and off rain, it looked like everyone had a great time!

The family would like to thank everyone that participated in the tournament. A big shout out to the awesome people who provided donations for our trophies and door prizes. Red Lake Recreation Center, Brandid, Ethel Branchaud, Dave's Pizza, Bemidji Theatre, Chairman's Office, Secretary's Office, Treasurer's Office, Red Lake Nation Foods, The Family of BJ Graves, Renae Cook, Lorraine's Cafe, Jo Cobenais & Ella Raincloud. Our amazing cooks who made some awesome frybread and mac salad - Wendy Jourdain & Barb Beaulieu. Thank you to Ziggy at Cool Threads for making our awesome shirts. Thank you RC Sounds for providing the music and to Bart for providing the Bar to host the after party! Also want to thank Ellie at Castle Highlands for your hospitality. There were many people that showed up to help out in the clubhouse. We cannot thank you enough! Robyn Dudley, Cheryl Thomas, Cindy Jourdain, Nicole Good, Faith Jourdain, Aleisha White, Wes Jourdain, Darchelle Strong, Barb Beaulieu & Rana Graves. Thanks to Rick & Alex Barrett for helping with the skins. Also big thanks to Brian Anoka for reserving the course and setting up the cards. I apologize if we forgot to mention anyone. We tried to keep track of the names. Thanks to everyone that buys chances on our prize pools throughout the year. All of the funds go towards this tournament. We hope everyone enjoyed it and look forward to seeing everyone next year!

We would like to thank our 2023 Hole Sponsors:

1. In Loving Memory of Kicken & Tippy Branchaud - Dawn & Ethel Branchaud

2. In Loving Memory of Jojo, Dad, Bro & Baby D - Jo Cobenais

3. In Memory of Leanna Lussier - Joe Good

4. 89 Bar & Grill - Bart Glatzmier

5. In Memory of Amora Antone & Larry Branchaud - Sue Antone

6. A Tribute to Bob Barker & Happy Gillmore - Audrey & Mary Gibbs

7. In Memory of Ryshayna Leigh Clark & Alice K. Soulier-Deverney - Teanna Clark

8. In Memory of Linda Lou Omen - Mary Omen

9. Rez Dawg Productions & Brandid - Gary & Brandi Jourdain

10. RC Soundz - Wes Jourdain

11. In Memory of Wayne Lussier - Maysa Lussier & Naomi Kingbird

12. In Memory of Robbie Beaulieu - Itty, Robbie & Cher Beaulieu


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