Ag secretary: Federal shutdown would hurt nutrition assistance, rural America

WIC food program for mothers and children - impacting over 100,000 Minnesotans - could collapse after only a day or two


September 27, 2023

Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

Tremaine Brown, with the Food Group, which is looking to expand its mobile market to places that serve more children and young women if the federal government shuts down.

Bonnie Haugen, a dairy farmer in rural Fillmore County in the southeastern corner of Minnesota, watches her mailbox each month for a check from the federal government.

In normal years, her Dairy Margin Coverage insurance program check - a U.S. Department of Agriculture program to buffer dairy producers from the viciousness of commodity cycles - might be close to zero.

But throughout the milking season of 2023, with dairy prices stuck in the basement, Haugen said that assistance has helped her operation avoid major losses.


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