Minnesota company Watkins took on spice giant McCormick. Eight years later, it lost.


September 1, 2023


Winona-based Watkins claimed McCormick was misleading consumers by reducing the amount of pepper in its tins while keeping the size and price of the product the same.

Nearly a decade ago, a Minnesota company took on the biggest name in the spice aisle when Watkins Inc. accused McCormick & Co. of false advertising for under-filling its black pepper tins.

This week, a federal jury sided with the Maryland-based spice giant.

"We are greatly disappointed by the verdict and find it very troubling that a large company like McCormick misled, in our view, consumers and retailers without real consequences," Mark Jacobs, chairman of Winona-based Watkins, said in a statement. "While we did not get the verdict we hoped for, the fact that after Watkins filed the lawsuit, McCormick reduced the size of its 4-ounce tin to 3 ounces to match the reduced amount being sold speaks for itself."



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Gladieskid writes:

WAS Justice Thomas in on the decision? Liar Liar pants on fire Stop purching that brand. WATKINS FOREVER!nation


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