California tribes mostly spared by tropical storm


August 24, 2023

Hilary, the first tropical storm to hit Southern California in 84 years, flooded roads, toppled trees and forced a rescue by bulldozer of more than a dozen older residents trapped by mud in a care home Monday as it marched northward. The storm prompted flood watches and warnings in half a dozen states. However, tribes in southern California seem to have been spared major damage, and Hilary is now dissipating as it moves over the Rocky Mountains.

San Bernardino County reports at least one woman is missing after her trailer was washed away, and 30 residents were stranded by floodwaters from the Santa Ana River. Some of them, and one woman with a minor leg injury, were evacuated by helicopter. Others opted to stay in their homes and wait for flood waters to recede.

Otherwise, no serious injuries or extreme damages have been reported in the state. Officials warn that risks remain, especially in the mountainous regions where wet hillsides could unleash mudslides, according to the Associated Press.


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