A Minneapolis block may hold a world record for churches

The four houses of worship in Northeast have long histories


August 22, 2023

GLEN STUBBE, StarTribune

Mill City Church, at 685 13th Av. NE. in Minneapolis. In the background to the right is Christ Family Kingdom Center.

On Twitter a Minneapolis-boosting account proclaimed an impressive fact: A block in Minneapolis, according to Guinness World Records, is the only block in the world with four churches. Google it, and you'll find a few more sources claiming the same thing.

You might think: Really? The world? More churches than a street in Rome, the home office? More than New York, with its long, densely packed blocks? Little old Minneapolis, world-beating church-having block champ?

But even if it's not a record-breaker, four churches in one block is remarkable. Especially since they're all still open.



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