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State Rep. Matt Grossell Convicted of DWI for February Incident


Rep. Matt Grossell (R)

A local state Representative has been convicted in Clearwater County Court for driving while intoxicated.

Republican Rep. Matt Grossell of District 2A was convicted on July 11 after entering a guilty plea for a misdemeanor DWI charge in relation to a speeding case this past February.

Court documents state that Grossell was sentenced to 90 days in jail, 89 days of which is stayed for two years. He has credit for one day for time already served.

Grossell was also placed on probation to the court for two years and will be monitored by the Clearwater District Court. Among other conditions, Grossell must complete a chemical assessment and follow all recommendations. He will also have to pay a $510 fine.

The judge dismissed the other two misdemeanor charges against Grossell, DWI – fourth-degree driving while impaired and DWI – operate motor vehicle – alcohol concentration 0.08 within 2 hours.

This is the second reported incident involving the state Representative and alcohol. The first documented case happened in St. Paul in 2019 where law enforcement arrested Grossell for trespassing and disorderly conduct.


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