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Cops in schools can be part of the solution

Minnesota schools struggling with violence, weapons and drug use might be best served by resource officers

With the reopening of Minnesota schools just weeks away, some district leaders continue to work on plans to keep students and staff safe. And once again, those efforts have sparked discussions on whether police officers should be stationed at schools.

Supporters say cops in schools, often called school resource officers (SROs), can make schools safer. Opponents argue that police in schools suggest a military presence that can worsen behavioral problems while fueling racial conflict.

The Star Tribune Editorial Board has consistently argued that effective, well-trained SROs focusing on relationship-building and student wellness should be an option for schools struggling with violence, drug use and other behavioral challenges.


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survivor2005 writes:

as a survivor of a school shooting i think it should be required now to have at least 2 stationed at a school, someone who knows how to react in a situation like that. what could be 10 minutes waiting can only be 3 minutes or seconds wait! can save a lot more lives with more stationed at the schools. our kids are our #1 priority! They should be protected like they are too! PTSD from a school shooting is not what we want our kids growing up with. 18 years later and it still effects me.

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