Former KSTP-TV reporter accuses station of sexism and unsafe work practices

Crystal Bui lays out her allegations in the self-published book, "More to Tell."


June 20, 2023

Courtesy of Crystal Bui

In her memoir, "More to Tell," Crystal Bui writes about the sexism and racism she faced.

A former KSTP-TV news reporter has accused the station of sexism and unsafe work practices.

In her self-published book, "More to Tell," Crystal Bui focuses on 2019-21, the two years she spent at the local ABC affiliate. Among her many allegations are claims that her bosses didn't do enough to protect her while she was covering protests in the wake of George Floyd's death.

"Our station didn't spend money on security like the others did during these initial riots, despite Minneapolis being hit the worst in the beginning," writes Bui, who shares details about the emotional stress she endured during coverage in the field.


Reader Comments(1)

MGM4706 writes:

Looks to be a money grab. If she didn't feel safe don't go out without the security she said other stations had!


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