St. Paul school officials long suspected abuse of girl, 7, who overdosed and died at home, charges say

The mother of Za'Maiya Travis has been charged with manslaughter


Charges filed against a woman not only allege she failed to keep a fatal dose of fentanyl hidden from her 7-year-old daughter but that St. Paul school officials suspected months earlier that the girl had been injured by her mother but they did not alert authorities until after the child died.

Shauntaija J. Travis, 27, was jailed Monday afternoon in connection with the overdose of Za'Maiya Travis on March 3, six days before the girl was to be moved to the Twin Cities home of a relative who had reported concerns about the child's well-being to Ramsey County child protection officials.

Travis was charged in District Court with two counts of second-degree manslaughter alleging child negligence and endangerment.


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