Local antiwar groups are divided over U.S. military aid to Ukraine


Women Against Military Madness

Antiwar protesters held a demonstration last month in St. Paul opposing U.S. aid to Ukraine.

Minnesota's robust antiwar groups have been staging demonstrations opposing American military aid to Ukraine in its war with Russia, calling on Western nations to press for a cease-fire and warning that the conflict could lead to World War III.

But now some within the groups are rebelling against those messages, sharply dividing the ranks.

"There have to be alternative methods, and the U.S. claim that the only choice is armed war is a lie," said Kristin Dooley, director of Minneapolis-based Women Against Military Madness (WAMM). Meredith Aby, a spokeswoman for the Anti-War Committee, said Ukrainians are being used "as pawns in a conflict between the United States/NATO and Russia."



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