What you need to know about Minnesota's marijuana legalization law


Gov. Tim Walz on Tuesday signed into law a sweeping 321-page bill to legalize marijuana in Minnesota following months of debate in the Legislature. The Minnesota House and Senate gave final approval to the bill just days before the 2023 session adjourned.

Here are answers to questions about the new cannabis law.

Adult use

What does the new recreational marijuana law do?

It legalizes the possession and use of marijuana for Minnesotans 21 and older. It creates a new state agency, called the Office of Cannabis Management, tasked with licensing cannabis and hemp businesses and overseeing a legal recreational market, as well as the existing medical cannabis and hemp-derived markets. The law mandates the expungement of all misdemeanor marijuana offenses and creates a Cannabis Expungement Board to review felony offenses for possible expungement on a case-by-case basis. It also imposes new rules and requirements for hemp-based THC drinks and edibles, which exploded in popularity after they were legalized last year.



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