Minneapolis reaches $700K settlement with family detained after 2019 police shooting


Family photo

Vue family, with Chiasher Vue at center

Locked in two squad cars on a subzero night, Chiasher Vue's children could only look on helplessly as police surrounded their Minneapolis home with their father - armed with a rifle and in the throes of a mental health crisis - inside.

Chamee Vue tried in vain to reassure her father over the phone; he said he was confused and scared. He stepped onto the porch and raised the rifle in the direction of the officers. Gunfire erupted.

In another squad car, sons Hailee and Nou Vue screamed and slammed their bodies against the doors as they heard chatter over the police radio to "launch." They wept as they watched paramedics move their father's body before they were driven to City Hall, where they were held for hours before being told he had died.



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