Tick season in Minnesota is in full force, with an unwelcome visitor: the lone star


Centers for Disease Control

A female lone star tick. The yellow-white mark on the back is one of its identifiers.

An unpopular season is in full swing in Minnesota, now through early July, and with a returning champion. "It's here," said the Department of Health epidemiologist Elizabeth Schiffman.

Blacklegged ticks, aka deer ticks, transmit Lyme disease and are a high risk beginning this part of May. Both nymphs (the size of poppyseeds) and adults are out looking for hosts this time of year.

While the COVID-19 pandemic limited the monitoring by infectious disease experts of ticks, Schiffman said there is good evidence that blacklegged ticks, found in wooded and brushy areas, are expanding their reach north and west.



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