Minnesota poised to close state park, return land to Dakota tribe


Lisa Meyers McClintick, Special to the Star Tribune

Wildflowers bloomed around the tipis on the prairie at Upper Sioux Agency State Park in 2013.

A Minnesota state park built on a notorious site of the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862 would be closed and transferred to the Dakota under a proposed state law.

The 1,300-acre Upper Sioux Agency State Park, composed of rolling prairies and wetlands at the confluence of the Yellow Medicine and Minnesota rivers, would be returned to the Upper Sioux Community that was forced out after the war. It would mark the first time in decades that the state of Minnesota relinquished a state park.

"There are points in time where we have the opportunity to do the right thing," said state Rep. Zach Stephenson, DFL-Coon Rapids. "And this is the right thing, to return this land at this time."



Reader Comments(8)

nightfly writes:

I think this is wonderful. Glad to hear it.

Fanny writes:

The tribe deserves what was theirs to begin with. Well done Minnesota

RealTaxPayer writes:

Fabulous news! LAND BACK NOW!!! ❤️

AreYouSerious writes:

I love the comments that say it shouldn't be given back because it belongs to the people or the comment that you can't change history. Your wrong! It belongs to the Indian tribe, and looks like history can be rewritten! Congrats to Minnesota on giving it back to it's rightful owners.

Thomasmk2000 writes:

This is absolutely ridiculous! It is a state park to be enjoyed by all!! All people should have the right to go there and learn about the history and enjoy the park! Last I remember... this is the state of Minnesota. Aren't all welcome here?

Hmmm123 writes:

Well that's nice.. good for them..

Taxpayer writes:

Absolutely ridiculous!! It belongs to everyone!!

JCRK88 writes:

Unacceptable. The park belongs to the people of Minnesota, including the natives. Trying to right a supposed wrong isn't going to fix anything. History has already been written.


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