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Biden/Trump rematch: An extravaganza of unfitness

A lot can happen between now and next year's election, but President Joe Biden's decision to run and former President Donald Trump's barely diminished standing with Republicans make a repeat of their 2020 contest quite likely.

Pause for a moment to consider this prospect - and the epic failure it represents.

The Democrats' best offer to the nation is a leader who's 80 going on 90, who can't safely be allowed off-script or put in front of reporters, whose grasp of policy and his own personal history was tenuous even in his prime, and who's accused of involvement in his son's peddling of influence.

The Republicans' leading applicant for the world's most important job is admittedly still a youngster at 76. On the other hand, he led an administration that set new standards of chaotic and incompetent government, encouraged a riotous assault on the U.S. Capitol, is the subject of several criminal and civil investigations, and is defending a lawsuit alleging he's a rapist.


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