Minnesota bolsters disaster aid dollars as floods loom


April 14, 2023

Brian Peterson, Star Tribune

Flooding is already closing trails along the Mississippi River like here at Meeker Island Park off Mississippi River Boulevard in St. Paul.

Minnesota's weather whiplash, from seemingly endless snow to shorts, has marked the coming of flood season. And local and state leaders are on edge.

As cities fill sandbags and close roads, weather and emergency management experts gathered Thursday to warn Minnesotans of what's to come. Meanwhile, legislators bolstered the state's disaster fund to ensure relief dollars are ready.

"We are going into the heart of our flood season," said Twin Cities National Weather Service meteorologist-in-charge Dan Hawblitzel. "With this rapid warm-up, this rapid three-day-long summer we've got, that snow is rapidly melting and that snow has got to go somewhere. And it's going right into the rivers around the state."



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